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Salsa bachata kizomba classes in chandigarh.

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Rock n Roll : Best Dance Modeling Acting Classes in chandigarh

Join The best Dance Fitness Modeling and Acting Classes in Chandigarh. At Rock n Roll, we’re passionate about helping you discover the perfect harmony between movement and well-being. Our unique blend of dance and fitness classes offers an exciting and holistic approach to a healthier, more vibrant you. From high-energy Zumba sessions that get your heart racing to soul-soothing yoga and pilates classes that help you find your inner balance, we have it all. Our expert instructors will motivate and guide you, ensuring you not only achieve your fitness goals but also relish every step of the journey. Whether you’re here to dance away the stress or sculpt your body, we’re here to support you on your path to a healthier, happier you. We are the only one in chandigarh running Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba classes on weekdays. Join us today, and let’s dance and work out together for a healthier and more confident you!

  1. “Discover the beauty of fluidity as dance becomes your path to increased flexibility, allowing your body to move with grace and ease.”


rock n roll dance classes in chandigarh
rock n roll dance classes in chandigarh

Calmer Mind

“Dance, where the rhythm soothes the soul and calms the mind.”

Balance your Spirit

“Dance teaches us the delicate art of balance, both in movement and in life, where grace and poise emerge hand in hand.”

best dance classes in chandigarh
rock n roll dance classes

...."Feel the Beat, Find Your Feet."

What our clients say about us
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Devu DigitalDevu Digital
06:54 11 Dec 23
Best Dance & Modeling class in Chndigarh..
katani TDIkatani TDI
16:18 10 Dec 23
My son is very happy to go there n learn dance ..have seen change in him.. we are very grateful to institute and special thanks to Mr. Bali for giving special care and guidance. Thanks
Pragati BaliPragati Bali
03:55 10 Dec 23
Best for salsa Bachata and Zumba classes in Chandigarh. Got wedding choreography done by rock n roll. It’s amazing.. Ajay Bali is totally pro instructor.
sourabh balisourabh bali
10:38 09 Dec 23
"Attending this dancing and modeling institute has been a transformative experience. The instructors are not only incredibly skilled but also nurturing, creating an environment where learning feels like a joy. The comprehensive curriculum ensures growth in both dance and modeling skills. Highly recommended for anyone aspiring to excel in the world of performance and fashion!"
arav singharav singh
09:56 09 Dec 23
Khushi PuriKhushi Puri
18:57 07 Dec 23
This dance class exceeded my expectations! The instructors were phenomenal, offering a perfect blend of technique and fun. The ambiance was vibrant, and I felt energized and inspired after each session. Highly recommended!
Ritzee RRitzee R
18:23 07 Dec 23
The teacher here is very nice and the environment is very friendly.The dance class was phenomenal! Expert instructors, diverse styles, vibrant atmosphere, and inclusive environment. Engaging routines, supportive peers, and great fun overall. Highly recommended for all dancers!
Anything 2 EverythingAnything 2 Everything
04:34 07 Dec 23
I happened to be at this dance studio as I wanted to learn free style dance.This place has an experienced lot of teachers who are really good at all dance forms be it freestyle, bhangra, contemporary, bollywood.Have been a very enjoyable experience.
08:37 02 Dec 23
Aiyo this is the best dance school I've ever been to they teach so well I couldn't dance 2 months ago but now I can crack some moves anywhere I want I feel so confident amazing
I am learning from rock n roll dance studio.all instructors are good

Our Dance Categories


"Zumba, the exhilarating fitness dance party that turns your workout into pure joy, as infectious Latin and world music rhythms inspire you to move and Smile".


Salsa dance, originating from the lively streets of Cuba, is a rhythmic and energetic partner dance that sets hearts on fire.


Bachata dance, born in the Dominican Republic, is a captivating partner dance that tells stories of love and longing through its graceful movements.

Kids Dance Classes

"Welcome to our vibrant world of kids' dance classes, where young imaginations take center stage. Through creative movement, children not only learn coordination and rhythm but also build confidence and express their unique personalities".


Bollywood dance, a dynamic fusion of traditional Indian dance styles and modern influences, is a vibrant celebration of culture, emotion, and storytelling. With its energetic choreography and colorful costumes, it's a spirited journey through the heart of Indian cinema.


Ballet, the epitome of grace and precision, is a timeless art form where each movement tells a story of elegance and poise. It's a world of ethereal beauty, where dancers transform into enchanting figures on a stage of dreams

“Dance begins with a single step, a heartbeat that quickens, and a world of rhythm to explore”

Few glimpse of our Classes

Best dance classes in chandigarh

Join Now : Best Dance Fitness Modeling & Acting Classes in chandigarh

Here every step tells a story "

best dance classes in chandigarh

Transform your body, mind, and life today.


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